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This is a comprehensive template for the ToP Strategic Planning process that you can duplicate into your own Miro workspace.


It includes over 50 areas for:

  • Opening Context and Focus Question
  • Practical Vision
  • Underlying Contradictions
  • Strategic Directions
  • 12 Month Accomplishments
  • Implementation Calendar
  • 90 Day Actions
  • Closing Process Reflection


Each step includes elements to help you provide context for that section and a variety of ways to engage participants interactively.


The designers have provided a detailed note to assist you in customizing and editing, such as swapping images and matching colors to your client's logo, for example.


The template also contains detailed instructions for use. If you need further assistance, you can seek a paid coaching session.


Once the purchase is processed, the template and instructions for duplication will be emailed to you.

Strategic Planning Template in Miro (ToP)

  • The template is a digital file and is for your individual use only.

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