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About Facilitation Resources

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Welcome to Facilitation Resources!


This website and the poster kits arose from a very personal need. As practising facilitators and facilitation trainers, we were preparing to deliver  a Technology of Participation training and our previously hand drawn posters and props were not available.  We realized that we could create professional printable templates which we could either reuse or have as one-off resources. Using these at that training sparked the interest of the participants who wanted to know where they could get the posters for their own use.  


And a new idea was born!  We've created this website as a way to share the posters and other resources with a broader network of facilitators and others who are interested. 


The posters provide the opportunity for trainers of the ToP Method to have a consistent "look and feel" to their training materials - while also being customizable - regardless of individual "artsy-ness." We also wanted to have consistency without having to pass posters back and forth within trainer “families”, be able to host multiple simultaneous trainings, and not have to take posters on planes with us when doing trainings across the country. As we worked on this, we realized a kit like this could be really helpful for lots of people... both trainers and facilitators.


Given the interest by participants in our trainings, we also want to offer mini "process kits" for facilitators. For example, "everything you need for a consensus workshop" or "everything you need for Action Planning" etc.


Finally, we've added some additional resources and our favorite facilitation books and tools. Let us know your favorite resources, books, and tools and we'll add those too!

We look forward to hearing from you. Happy facilitating!

Learn about the Contributing Facilitators


Una McAlinden, principal at Creative Strategy Solutions.

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Kim Howe, principal at CoCreative Labs.  

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